The Mechanics of Composites for Energy and Mobility Laboratory team is characterized by international diversity, combined with training in diverse backgrounds, including applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, aeronautics & astronautics, material science, civil engineering, and computer science. Our team consists of research scientist, postdoctoral research fellows, PhD candidates/students,  Masters students (who are encouraged to undertake a successful career in research), visiting students and administrative/research support staff.

Principal Investigator

Gilles Lubineau, PhD, HDR

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Interim Dean for the PSE Division

Research Interests: Aging of Composite Structures, Computational Strategies, Damage Modeling, Coupling Strategies, Degradation of Composite Structures, Environmental Degradation, Mechanical Degradation

Research Scientist

Ahmed Wagih Abdel Hady, PhD

PhD, MS (Universitat de Girona), BS (Zagazig University)​​​​​

Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Mechanical Degradation, Damage Modeling

Arief Yudhanto, PhD

PhD (TMU), MEng (NUS), BS (ITB)​​

Research Interests: Composite Materials, Mechanical Characterisation, Measuring Damage Mechanisms, Fracture mechanics

Postdoctoral Fellow

Xiaole Li, PhD

PhD (Univ. Portsmouth), PhD (HIT), MS (HIT), BS (HIT)​​​

Research Interests: Computational Strategies

PhD Student

Abraham "Bram" Lagerweij

MSc (TU Delft), BSc (TU Delft)​

Research Interests: Finite Element Method, Continuum Mechanics, Peridynamic Theory, Damage Mechanics, Digital Image Correlation, Data-Driven Modeling

Hassan Mahmoud

MSc (Cairo University), BSc (Cairo University)​

Research Interests: Finite Element Method, Peridynamic Theory, Computational Mechanics, Fracture mechanics, Mechanical Testing

Mohammed Bahabri

MSc (KAUST), BSc (UW-Madison)

Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Structural and Chemical Characterizations

Ping Hu

​MSc (Beihang Univ), BSc (Beihang Univ)​​​​

Research Interests: Computational Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Damage Modeling, Coupling Strategies, Degradation of Composite Structures, Interface Degradation

Wael Badeghaish

​MSc (CUA), BSc (KFUPM)​​​​

Research Interests: Composite Materials, Mechanics of thin films

Master Student

Altayebmohd Alshedayfat

BEng (Carleton)

Research Interests: Composite Materials, Flexible Electronics, Mechanical Characterisation, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of Composites, strain sensing

Jaafar A. Al Hadab

BS (University of Rochester)

Research Interests: Finite Element Method, Topology Optimization, 3D Printed Composites

Mohammad Subah

BS (Colorado)

Research Interests: Mechanical Testing, Composite Materials

Research Technician

Muhammad "Moha" Seraj

MSc (Massey University)

Admin Assistant