We are Hiring!

13 November, 2023

MCEM Composite Lab and ENERCOMP have opening positions for Research Scientists, Research Technicians, and Postdocs. Please follow this link to see all the job opportunities.


MCEM Open Positions:

  • Post-doctoral fellow in Printable Electronics for Sensing.
  • Post-doctoral fellow in Composite Testing in Extreme Hydrogen Environment.
  • Post-doctoral fellow in AI for Composite Modeling.
  • Post-doctoral fellow in Micro Fracture Mechanics of Interfaces


ENERCOMP Open Positions:

  • Research Scientist in Composite Integrity
  • Research Scientist in Computational Integrity of Composites.
  • Research Scientist in AI and Digital Twins of Composites
  • Research Scientist in NDT.
  • Research Technician in Composite Testing.
  • Research Technician in NDT.
  • Research Technician in Sensing Devices for Composites.
  • Project Management Officer.