Post-Doctoral Opening in Mechanics of Composite bonding. Mechanical Engineering program

    Post-Doctoral Opening in

    1.Mechanics of Composite bonding.

    2.Mechanics of bonding in Solar Cells.

    Mechanical Engineering program

    The Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, invites applications for Postdoctoral fellow in Mechanical Engineering at the Mechanics of Composites for Energy and Mobility Lab. (MCEM,

    1. Link for Postdoctoral opening in the area of toughening of thermoplastic adhesive tapes.

    2. Link for Postdoctoral opening is available in the area of bonding engineering for solar cells.

    Field of study

    1. A Postdoctoral opening is available in the area of toughening of thermoplastic adhesive tapes.

    Performance of secondary bonding or adhesive systems is a key challenge for the successful integration of composite. MCEM has a strong experience in improving toughness and stability of adhesive joints by controlling the dissipation mechanisms, via the design of the microstructure or by introducing spatially depending adhesive properties.

              The main goal of this project is to investigate a concept of thermoplastics tapes featuring at least 100 % toughness improvement compared to the raw material used to manufacture the tape, just by specific design of its internal microstructure. This concept can be applied directly to design new thermoplastic adhesive tapes for long-term treatment of human body joints using joint supports without changing either the carrier or adhesive materials.

    The project will be organized around 2 main activities:

    • Understanding the role of tailored microstructures on fracture toughness of thermoplastic adhesive tape joints, especially via digital twins and parametric optimization,
    • Processing of optimized microstructure, and demonstration of the proof of concept via both static and fatigue degradation tests, in the context of health applications. 

    2. A Postdoctoral opening is available in the area of bonding engineering for solar cells.

    Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have demonstrated an unprecedented surge in power conversion efficiency (PCE) in the last decade, having quickly become a leading thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technology.

    However, for commercialization, these devices ultimately need to be integrated into PV modules, which poses significant technological challenges that we confront in this project. Such structures are especially prone to delamination due to on-site thermal stresses or process-induced shrinkages.

               The main goal of this project is to develop innovative mechanical testing and modeling in order to improve the understanding of the delamination mechanism in tandem solar cells. Main challenges are the development of representative mechanical tests, at the micro scale, and the translation of mechanical conclusion into design principles.

    The project will be organized around 2 main activities:

    • Supporting our partners (collaboration with a leading European University) by performing relevant tests providing meaningful and well-quantified data.
    • Developing new testing methodology that would be more relevant to the special situation of delamination in laminated solar cells systems.


    The successful candidate must hold a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Material Science or other relevant discipline. He/She must have a strong background in one or more of the following fields: experimental solid mechanics, mechanical testing, fracture, damage mechanics and polymeric materials. The candidate should also have a good knowledge of simulation n Abaqus Standard; an experience in bonding and adhesive technologies is a plus. For any appointment at MCEM, an in-depth knowledge of theoretical mechanics is a firm requirement. 

    A high level of self-motivation, strong publication record and a good command of oral and written English. Capability to work individually as well as in a team and with a good organizing skill is essential. 

    Other duties

    The Postdoctoral fellow will be actively engaged in student mentoring (directed research, Master’s thesis students). He/She will also be in charge of developing further the facilities of the laboratory. The candidate will also be in charge of delivering regular reports related to the associated grant.


    1 year, renewable up to three years by mutual agreement. The candidate is expected to join the team as soon as a successful interview has been completed. 


    In addition to a competitive salary, the successful candidate will enjoy a generous benefit package including medical insurance, on-campus housing facilities, K-12 schools, and outstanding recreational facilities.

    Application Requirements

    Only applications providing all requirements  will be considered further. Applicant requirements are as below. They should be numbered and attached to the application in this order:

    1-Detailed CV including list of publications, awards, with potential start date.

    2-Short statement of previous work, title of the post-doc fellowship you apply for, and a description of your vision and of your research plan on that field (the document does not need to be extensive - no more than one A4 page – but should be very high quality. It should clearly highlight a vision of the candidate in the field, a prior understanding of the related literature and the definition of key steps towards innovative results in the field. Special care should be given by the candidate to this document, which is a key element of the decision process towards recruitment).

    3-Names and contact information of three referees.

    4-Slides from a recent presentation in a conference or seminar.

    5-Pdf of a recent publication considered by the candidate as being representative of his research work.

    Interested applicants should send their complete application package to,  
    Dr. Gilles Lubineau ( (With a systematic cc to and

    PLEASE USE this as the subject of your email:   

    1.      Post Doc MCEM22– Thermoplastics Adhesive Tapes

    2.      Post Doc MCEM22 – Solar Cells Delamination

    NoNote: All applicants will be evaluated on rolling basis. Application will be closed as soon as a candidate has been accepted for this position.