We are constantly looking for a bright, hard-working students and staff to contribute to the success of our research. We have positions available as follows:

    • Visiting students (VS)
    • Masters students
    • PhD students
    • Postdoctoral fellows

    If you are interested to know more about these opportunities, feel free to send email to Prof. Gilles Lubineau ( and please make CC to Ms. Huiping Chen - Research Assistant (

    PhD fellowships starting Fall 2021

    Our laboratory invites applications for 3 PhD  (and similar MS/PhD) positions in Mechanical Engineering, starting Fall 2021. 

    Topic 1: New thermoplastics materials for Energy and Mobility applications

    We are in the process of developing new generations of thermoplastics materials with self-healing capabilities. This proprietary development, in partnerships with major industrial partners, aimed at having an impact in the usage of thermoplastics in major Energy and Mobility application, including Oil and Gas exploration and Hydrogen storage. 

    The PhD will focus on the concept validation, including formulation (in collaboration with Chem. Sc. Programs), integration, processing, as well as the modeling in both micro and damage mechanics frameworks.

    Topic 2: Data driven and model-free simulations in Solid mechanics

    Online with the development of KAUST strength in Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning, we aim at exploring the potential of image-based techniques for direct Data-driven and Model-free Simulations. 

    The PhD candidate will integrate our existing team on this topic and focus on non-linear applications of the techniques we recently developed. This PhD will include tight collaboration with other groups with Imaging, Virtualization and AI backgrounds. 

    Topic 3: Morphing and programmable materials for Robotics

    Our team recently developed a new family of materials that can change their constitutive response depending on some external stimuli. Using phase-change as an underlying concept, we have developed sensors, actuators and modulus-tunable materials, that can lead to a shift in paradigm in soft robotics or 3D -printed mechanical systems. 

    The PhD candidate will be in charge of solving fundamental questions related to such systems, such as symmetry of operation, energy efficiency, integration in systems with active and complex control as well as modeling.


    Depending on the topic, the successful candidate must hold a Master of Science degree (for PhD applications) or a Bachelor of Science degree (for MS/PhD applications) in Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering,  Applied Mathematics, or Computer Science. A strong background in theoretical mechanics (continuum mechanics, upscaling techniques, mechanical behavior of engineering materials), applied maths, and computing is expected.

    Only students with excellent grades and demonstrated English language proficiency need to apply. The candidate must have a minimum of A- average and must have passed the TOEFL examination.

    Other duties 

    The PhD student will be an important link between our team and our industrial partners involved in this project. The candidate will also be required to deliver regular reports related to the associated grant.

    Application Requirements

    Only applications providing all application requirements will be considered further. Applicant requirements are as below. They should be numbered and attached to the application in that order:

    1. A cover letter introducing your application.
    2. Detailed CV. Names and contact information of three referees.
    3. Names and contact information of three referees.
    4. Slides from a recent presentation in a conference or seminar.
    5. Full transcripts from undergraduate and graduate studies.

    Interested applicants should send their complete application packets to: 
    Dr. Gilles Lubineau (, cc
    PLEASE USE as a subject for your email: PhD Application – COHMAS 2021