Multifunctional nanoreinforced composites

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Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) is a well-known composite material for structural applications. Carbon-based nanomaterials, metallic nanoparticles along with a new generation of conductive polymers are some of the most promising fillers that can be added to CFRP to tailor their mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. We design and process nano reinforced materials and investigate their behavior by several characterization techniques including microscopy, x-ray tomography, mechanical analysis, thermal analysis, electrical conductivity measurements and coupled electromechanical analysis. The final target is to predict the influence of the formulation and the process on the final macroscopic properties for their practical design. This requires advanced modeling and simulation strategies that are also developed by the COHMAS team.



  • Prof. Gilles Lubineau (PI
  • Xin Yangyang (PhD candidate)

Former member(s):

  • Dr. Fei Han (former Research Scientist; currently Associate Professor in Dalian University)
  • Dr. Jian Zhou (former Postdoc Fellow; currently Associate Professor in Sun Yat Sen University)
  • Dr. Xuezu Xu (former Postdoc Fellow)
  • Dr. Angel Mora (former PhD candidate; currently Postdoc Fellow at Khalifa University)
  • Dr. Isaac Aguilar Ventura (former PhD candidate; currently in Saudi ARAMCO)
  • Dr. Archana Patole (former Postdoc Fellow)
  • Tirupathi Maloth (former MS student; currently PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)

Funding agency: SABIC and Boeing

  • Amit Tevtia (SABIC CRD, KAUST)
  • Boeing
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