Full-field measurement techniques and local mechanical properties identification

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Developments of smart system for accurate 2D/3D displacement and deformation measurement
Smart devices like smartphones have experienced massive advances in their hardware systems in recent years, providing users with high-end components including high-speed and high-resolution digital cameras, graphics processing units (GPUs), and various sensors. The superior performance make smartphones an ideal platform for conducting various scientific research, which would also positively impact research and educational efforts in developing countries and resource-limited institutions, helping the popularization of advanced scientific instruments and measurement tools. Currently, we are developing field-portable and cost-effective tools for 2D/3D displacement deformation measurements of composites, complex microstructures and biological tissues.


Smartphone-based stereo-DIC system for 3D shape and deformation measurement

Identification of local mechanical properties of heterogeneous materials
We have developed a novel identification method for estimating material properties using full-field measurement where a large volume of 3D data can be processed. Correlation of material images obtained during in-situ mechanical testing within X-ray micro-computed tomograph has been established. An example of 3D identification technique with reference Young’s modulus distribution (Fig. a) and estimated Young’s modulus distribution (Fig. b) is shown below.



  • Prof. Gilles Lubineau (PI)
  • Ran Tao (PhD Candidate)
  • Nurlat M. Bekdullayev (MSc/PhD Student)

Former member(s):

  • Dr. Liping Yu (Postdoc Fellow)
  • Dr Jiangping Xu (former Postdoc Fellow)
  • Dr Renaud Gras (former Postdoc Fellow)
  • Dr Ali Moussawi (former PhD student)
  • Wang Bo (former visiting student)
  • Vinicius Lube (former PhD student)
  • Victor Champaney (Intern Student)

Funding agency: KAUST Baseline

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