Experimental mechanics of composites

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Continuous fiber thermoplastic composites are gaining a growing interest in the automotive industry due to their weight-saving potential, recyclability, fast processing time and excellent mechanical response in accommodating damage and plasticity. To this end, we fully characterize the thermal and mechanical properties of the thermoplastic polymer (of different formulations); the morphology (e.g. spherulite), degree of crystallinity and property of the neat thermoplastic polymers; damage mechanisms of thermoplastic composites under in-plane tension and out-of-plane loads (quasi-static indentation and low-velocity impact). We developed in situ technique utilizing fiber Bragg gratings to monitor the processing of thermoplastic composites. Three research themes are:

  • Macroscopic evaluation of damage in glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene laminates under quasi-static indentation and low-velocity impact
  • In situ strain monitoring of glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene laminates using fiber Bragg gratings
  • Microscopic evaluation of damage in glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene laminates at low and high speeds

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  • Prof. Gilles Lubineau (PI)
  • Dr. Arief Yudhanto (KAUST Project Manager)
  • Dr. Matthieu Mulle (Research Scientist specialized in FBG)

Former member(s):

  • Dr. Husam Wafai (PhD; specialized in experiment)
  • Dr. Mohamed Nasr Saleh (former MS student)
  • Shiva Kumar (Former visiting student; currently studying at the University of Washington)
  • Mohammed Almulhim (Former KGSP and KAUST students)
  • Faisal Kamal (Former KGSP student andt KAUST students)

Funding agency: SABIC

  • ir. Recep Yaldiz (Project Manager, SABIC Europe, Geleen, The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Nikhil Verghese (SABIC USA, Sugarland, Texas)
  • ir. Warden Schijve (SABIC Europe, Geleen, The Netherlands)
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