Terahertz Training organized by ENERCOMP and conducted by the company Tera Kalis

28 February, 2024

A Terahertz training will be held on April 15th on Zoom. This training is organized by ENERCOMP and conducted by the company Tera Kalis.

To attend this training, you can register HERE.

Terahertz technology constitutes a major breakthrough innovation for the measurement, inspection, and characterization of matter without any damage and contactless.

 Initially confined to the astronomy sector, it is opening up to the industrial world on various control issues ranging from the search for defects or volume heterogeneities at the heart of the mater to the measurement of the thickness of multilayer coatings or even to the characterization of physicochemical properties of the mater (density, crystallinity, polymerization rate, etc.). Due to its sensitivity and its great penetration capacity, it is particularly suitable for the study of polymer, composite, elastomer, or even ceramic materials. In addition, Terahertz technology has the advantage of being contactless, non-destructive, non-harmful to operators, and transportable.

 Terakalis, a company based in France (Montpellier), is one of the world leaders in this new field. It has an exhaustive TeraHertz platform, allowing it to test most NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) issues. Its engineering team designs and manufactures devices for industry and research laboratories.

 The training will be held through video conference by Meriam Triki, PhD in Physics. It will last for almost 5 hours, split into 2 sessions (morning and afternoon). The training contains theoretical information about THz waves and their potential applications for NDT. These are illustrated with a big number of practical application cases with a focus on the control of composite materials.


The following topics will be presented:

1. Generalities about THz waves: Properties and type of their interactions with matter.

2. THz imaging: Applications of THz detection to imaging, imaging configurations.

3. Examples of THz NDT applications (imaging).

4. THz time of flight technology: Presentation of THz time of flight techniques.

5. Thickness measurement: Application to coatings. Applications to thick materials.

6. Time-of-flight imaging: Acquisition and interpretation of time-of-flight cartography.

7. Examples of THz NDT applications (time of flight measurement).

8. THz spectrometry: Basics of THz spectroscopy.

9. Examples of THz NDT applications (spectroscopy applied to material characterization.)