SASCOM Seminar Series | Active and passive characterization of composites and concrete by means acoustic waves | Dr. Mourad Bentahar

12 February, 2024

Monday, March 4, 2024

11:45 KSA time (GMT +3)


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Active and passive characterization of composites and concrete by means acoustic waves

By Dr. Mourad Bentahar

Researcher at Laboratoire d’Acoustique de l’Université du Maine – France.




The use of acoustic waves to detect and/or locate damage within materials and structures revealed to be promising in different fields (aeronautics, civil engineering, oil industry, etc.). This has given rise to various applications based on the use of one or several sensors to optimize the interaction of the acoustic waves emitted within the structure under test. In addition, passive ultrasonic acoustic methods have also been used to investigate the different damage mechanisms that can be created when materials are submitted to dynamic or quasi-static stresses. The first part of this talk is based on the use of active transient acoustic waves in order to characterize cracks created within polymer-based composites in standing wave conditions. Standing wave tests performed on concrete and composite samples will first be presented. Then, transient wave measurements based on the propagation of guided waves will be shown in order to locate and image the created damages within composite structures. The second part will present the passive acoustic characterization known as acoustic emission (AE). The latter is revealed to be highly adapted to monitor in real time materials and structures by considering the AE-features, which can be either analyzed by means of physical considerations (geophysics/seismology) or through their time/frequency waveform characteristics. Results will be focused on composites and concrete beams in order to monitor the created cracks and understand the created damage mechanisms. 


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