Interview published in L'Usine Nouvelle Magazine

20 September, 2023

We recently had a fascinating outreach experience with a broader audience. The Editor-in-Chief of Infopro Digital recently reached out to us, offering an exciting opportunity for collaboration.

Infopro Digital boasts a subscriber base that includes manufacturers in diverse industries such as automotive, aeronautics, luxury goods, and any sector where surface treatment plays a crucial role in the production process. Recognizing our expertise in coating adhesion, the editor graciously invited us for an interview to delve into our recent research: "Metallization of polymers and composites: State-of-the-art approaches." This insightful interview has now been published in the esteemed industrial French magazine, L'Usine Nouvelle

Reading L'Usine Nouvelle's perspective on the significance of our work provided us with a clearer understanding of our mission and, naturally, served as a source of motivation to continue our endeavors.