SASCOM Seminar Series | Imaging magic in digital image correlation: new imaging leads to better measurements | Dr. Bin Chen

14 February, 2023

Monday, February 27th , 2023

13:00 - 14:00 KSA time (UTC +3)


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Imaging magic in digital image correlation: new imaging leads to better measurements

By Dr. Bin Chen

Institute of Solid Mechanics, Beihang University, Beijing, China


Digital image correlation (DIC) is a revolutionary image-based optical technique for full-field deformation measurement. In last forty years, DIC has evolved to the most practical, popular, and thriving photo-mechanics technique in the experimental mechanics community, and it has found numerous successful applications in various fields including but not limited to solid mechanics, material science, biomechanics, aerospace, civil engineering. Basically, the continuous development of DIC techniques benefits from the contributions from two aspects: the introduction of novel/improved imaging techniques and the development of new/refined correlation algorithms. This presentation focuses on some recent advances we made on novel DIC techniques through the adoption of various new/improved imaging techniques. Specifically, we will first show the new possibilities in DIC by controlled use of the illumination light and reflected/excitation light, which enlightens us to develop blue-light/ultraviolet active imaging DIC, time-gated active imaging DIC, fluorescent DIC. Secondly, we will present the enriched information from new optical arrangements, which leads to the flexible and easy-to-use single-camera stereo-DIC and mirror-assisted multi-view panoramic/dual-surface deformation measurement techniques. These “magic imaging techniques” enrich the input information available for DIC, and consequently, greatly extend the accuracy, robustness, and applicability of DIC to various challenging measurement tasks in a simple way.