Congratulations on Hussein's paper published in Scientific reports

28 August, 2022

Minimizing the wiring in distributed strain sensing using a capacitive sensor sheet with variable-resistance electrodes

Hussein Nesser, Gilles Lubineau

Scientific reports 12, Article number: 13950 (2022)


Strain mapping over a large area usually requires an array of sensors, necessitating extensive and complex wiring. Our solution is based on creating multiple sensing regions within the area of a single capacitive sensor body by considering the sensor as an analogical transmission line, reducing the connections to only two wires and simplifying the electronic interface. We demonstrate the technology by using piezoresistive electrodes in a parallel plate capacitor that create varying proportions of electromagnetic wave dissipation through the sensor length according to the interrogation frequency. We demonstrate, by a sensor divided into four virtual zones, that our cracked capacitive sensor can simultaneously record strain in each separated zone by measuring the sensor capacitance at a high frequency. Moreover, we confirm that by changing the frequency from high to low, our sensor is able to measure the local strain amplitudes. This sensor is unique in its ability to monitor strain continuously over a large area with promoted spatial resolution. This sensing technology with a reduced number of wires and a simple electronic interface will increase the reliability of sensing while reducing its cost and complexity.