SASCOM MasterClass | Composite materials for the structural strengthening of concrete structures|Session 1

13 September, 2022

Session 1: Properties of composite materials, strengthening techniques, and evidence of strengthening effectiveness

September 28th, 2022       3-6 pm KSA (UTC+3)        On ZOOM

  • Properties of composite materials (Prof. Joaquim Barros, 30 min)
  • Strengthening techniques (Prof. Joaquim Barros, 30 min)
    • Externally bonded reinforcement for flexural and shear
    • Near surface mounted for flexural and shear
    • Embedded through section for shear
    • Seismic
  • Evidence of strengthening effectiveness by experimental research
    • Flexural strengthening (Dr. Inês Costa, 120 min)

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