SASCOM seminar series- Gilles Lubineau

27 September, 2021


Growing Together the Saudi Arabian Society for Composite Materials 

By Professor Gilles Lubineau
Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Society for Composite Material (SASCOM)
Principle Investigator of the Mechanics of Composites for Energy and Mobility laboratory (Composites Lab) at KAUST
Associate Dean Faculty, Physical Science and Engineering at KAUST



This short presentation aims at introducing SASCOM to is members and future members, so we can grow together a sustainable dynamics for composite technologies in Saudi Arabia and the region.
SASCOM aims to facilitate strong collaborations between scientists, engineers, educational and industrial partners interested in the study, manufacture and use of composite materials and structures. By providing a dynamic and high-level network of experts, we aim to contribute to increasing the societal impact of composite materials that have an important role to play in the Saudi economy.
Following this short introduction, we will overview a list of recent research direction and hot topics in composite science and engineering, that could be seeds for large-scale collaborations between our members.
Extensive time will also be given to our audience to share for suggestions about potential activities of the Society, and what could be the best offering to serve their need.

About the speaker

Gilles Lubineau is professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean for Faculty at KAUST. His laboratory focuses on Mechanics of Composites for Energy and Mobility.
Following his aggregation in theoretical mechanics, Lubineau earned a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (ENS-Cachan), France. Before joining KAUST, Lubineau was a faculty member at the École Normale Supérieure of Cachan, and a non-resident faculty member at the École Polytechnique, France. He also served as a visiting researcher at UCBerkeley.
His fields of research include: integrity at short and/or long-term of composite materials and structures, inverse problems for the identification of constitutive parameters, multi-scale coupling technique, nano and/or multifunctional materials. He covers a wide expertise related to most fields of composite materials, with over 200 published papers in journal spanning from material science.
He is also board member for various journals, including the International Journal of Damage Mechanics. Prof. Lubineau is an elected Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.
We enjoy communicating science and we are active on social media. 

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