Prof. Lubineau's presentation at Sabic Journal Club Seminar

27 September, 2021

Professor Gilles Lubineau will give his presentation at Sabic Journal Club Seminar on Monday, Oct 18th, 2021. 


Adhesion in laminated structures: how to identify, measure and improve?

Three case studies: composites secondary bonding, flexible transparent electrodes and metal decorated ABS 


Laminated structures are a key architecture in many engineering products. Structural composites, using carbon or glass continuous fibers, are by essence laminated structures. Solar cells are also obtained by the superposition of encapsulating and functional layers. Metal decoration of plastics is based on the deposition of metallic coating on a polymeric substrate, so a layered system is obtained. All these systems, while they operate and evolve at different scales, share a common mechanism of degradation that is often the limiting one: delamination. Indeed, delamination, that corresponds to the growth of a discontinuity in displacement field between layers, reduces the mechanical strength, the  functional properties (thermal of electrical conductivity), promote secondary buckling of the delaminated layers, and finally the loss of the application.

In this talk, we will expose our recent works about mitigation of delamination in different laminated systems. We purposely describe together different application at very different scale and with very different scope, to illustrate the parallels and common underlying problems between three different applications that are usually studied by different communities.

First application will be about secondary bonding in laminate structures, and how engineering interfaces can help in improving the interlaminar performance.

Second application will be about the role of adhesion and interfacial properties in the integrity of ITO based transparent electrodes in flexible electronics.

Finally, we will highly our latest works.