Synthesis and Manufacturing Facility

The Mechanics of Composites for Energy and Mobility Laboratory is equipped with a synthesis and manufacturing facility that provides excellent sample preparation techniques for polymeric and composite materials. This facility includes an electrospinning device, universal oven, ultrasonic processor, 3D Printer, water jet cutting machine,  hydraulic hot press, and other devices for composite manufacturing. ​


fumehood grinding

Synthesis Fume Hood​


Polishing Machine

Description: Ducted fume hood with a clear polycarbonate sash used for synthesizing multifunctional materials. 

Brand: Struers
Model: TegraPol-35

Description: A TegraForce 5 arm assists this polishing machine to move the samples. It has several programs for grinding or polishing jobs. Among others, the machine is used to prepare for microscopy tasks and specimen preparation.


Benchtop press


Hydraulic Static Press

Brand: Pioneer Die-tecs

Model: M400

Description: Pneumatic press for punching metallic dies into a flat plate to make ASTM (D-638-I, D-638-IV) or ISO (527-2-1BA, 527-2-5A) standard samples.


Brand: Pinette Emidecau Industries (PEI)
Model: Lab Press 15T

Description: This hot press is used in most of our composite manufacturing processes for both thermoplastic- and thermoset-based laminates. One of the most important properties is that the machine can cool down quickly and solidify the thermoplastic before significant crystallization occurs (fast cooling rate).


memmert secotom

Universal Oven


Cutting Machine

Brand: Memmert
Model: UFE 500

Description: This universal oven has chamber dimensions of 560 x 580 x 400 (w x h x d) and can heat from 10 degrees Celsius to above room temperature to 250 C.

Link: Memmert UFE 500 Manual


Brand: Struers
Model: Secotom-10

Description: This small cutting apparatus is generally used to cut samples. It can be equipt with various cutting disks, and several special-purpose clamps simplify its operation. The machine has an accuracy of 5 μm.

LinkSecotom 10


ultrasonic Vacuum Oven Thermo Scientific

Ultrasonic Processor


Vacuum Oven

Brand: Cole Palmer
Model: CV334

Description: This sonication probe can be used to speed up dissolving without stirring or can be used to clean particles on the surface of an object.

Link: Cole Palmer CV334


Brand: Thermo Scientific
Model: Linberg blue M.

Description: Some of the uses of this vacuum oven are to evaporate or age composite materials. The maximum temperature is 250°C with a pressure of only 1.33 Pa.

Link: Lindberg Blue M


2014-11-10 16_33_10-DSC_0293 - Windows Photo Viewer 

Painting Fume Hood


Vinyl Cutting Plotter

Brand: Tricolor Industries

Description: This fume hood is easily accessible from the front and sucks the paint vapor through the back. In our lab, painting is used for DIC or to enhance contrast to visualize the crack from the side of DCB samples.


Brand: Graphtec
Model: Craft RoboPro CE7000

Description: This machine can cut flexible films with a resolution of 25 µm. The velocity, acceleration, and force the blade applies are adjustable so that a layer can be completed or partially cut. Many types of materials can be processed, such as paper, polymers, or thin metal layers, to fabricate patterned structures or masks.

Link:  Graphtec CE7000 series


3D Printer 9T Labs 

3D Printer


3D Printer

Brand: 9T Labs

Description: It uses the Additive Fusion Technology technology to produce continuous fiber reinforced polymers parts using filament feedstock. It offers a build volume of 350 × 300 × 150 mm using PEEK, PEKK, PPS, PA12, bio-based PA material.

Link: 9T Labs


Brand: Ultimaker
Model: S5

Description: Easy-to-use desktop 3D printer with 20-micron layer resolution. It can build 330x240x300 mm³ volume using PA, ABS, and PLA, along with support material.

Link: Ultimaker



Water Jet Cutting Machine​


Brand: OMAX
Model: ProtoMAX

Description: This small abrasive water jetting machine is mostly used to cut samples from composite plates. It can be operated manually or automatically from drawings, and it will quickly cut the plates into samples of accurate dimensions, ±0.127 mm.

Link: ProtoMAX