Renaud Gras, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow


Research Interests

Composite Materials; Identification Methods; Digital Image Correlation

Selected Publications

  • GRAS, R., LECLERC, H., ROUX, S., OTIN, S., SCHNEIDER, J. and PERIE, J. -N., Identification of the Out-of-Plane Shear Modulus of a 3D Woven Composite. Experimental Mechanics 2012, Online first.
  • GRAS, R., LECLERC, H., ROUX, S., OTIN, S. A SPECIFIC ENVIRONNEMENT TO IDENTIFY MACROSCOPIC ELASTIC PARAMETER EVOLUTION IN A 3D WOVEN COMPOSITE. Comptest11 5th International Conference on Composites Testing and Model Identification. 2011.
  • GRAS, R., LECLERC, H., ROUX, S., PERIE, J.N., OTIN, S. A suited mesh for identification of macroscopic elastic parameters of a coarse microstructure of a 3D woven composite from digital image correlation. 10th Texcomp International Conference on Textile Composites. 2010.
  • HILD, F., ROUX, S., GRAS, R., GUERRERO, N., MARRANTE, M.E., FLOREZ-LOPEZ, J. Displacement measurement technique for beam kinematics. Opt. Lasers Eng.. Vol 47. Num 3/4. Pages 495-503. 2009
  • GRAS, R., FLOREZ-LOPEZ, J., HILD, F., MARANTE, M.E., ROUX, S. Measurement and identification techniques for frames and buildings. Optimess 2007 - 3d Workshop on Optical Measurement Techniques. 2007.


  • 2009-2012: PhD in Materials Engineering Sciences, ENS Cachan in partnership with SNECMA, FRANCE
  • 2008-2009: MS in Materials Engineering Sciences, ENS Cachan, FRANCE
  • 2005: BSc in Mechanical Engineering, ENS Cachan, FRANCE

Research Interests Keywords

Composite Materials Identification Methods Digital Image Correlation