The Mechanics of Composites for Energy and Mobility Laboratory benefits from cutting edge experimental and computational facilities for studying the comprehensive characteristics (mechanical, damage, thermal, electrical, hygrothermal, fatigue) of advanced composite and heterogeneous materials. Our research is also supported by the common facilities available in the KAUST Core Labs.
Our lab is located at Level 2 (15A) and Level 0 (15B) of Building 4, Seaside.

Synthesis and Manufacturing Facility

This facility provides excellent sample preparation techniques for polymeric and composite materials.

Mechanical and Environmental Test Facility

Facility equipped with a wide range of mechanical test devices for plastics, nanocomposites and composite materials.

Computational and Simulation Facility

Extensive computational facility (cluster of 7 workstations allowing parallel computing).

Material Characterization Facility

This facility is equipped with high-end instrumentation essential for material characterization techniques.

Core Lab Facilities

COHMAS laboratory members can utilize the extraordinary facilities available in the KAUST Core Labs.